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Welcome to the Official Abandon Ship Wiki
Welcome to the Official Abandon Ship Wiki!
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Spotlight: Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship is a fantasy warship game from Fireblade Software, which entered Early Access on Steam on February 23, 2018!

Abandon Ship pits you in the role of a captain sailing a ship through a diverse, procedurally generated world, set in a fantasy version of the Age of Sail. As you take on quests and engage ships, you'll be faced with random events and terrifying monsters that will take a stout set of cannons and a talent for maneuver to survive. Death is permanent, but unlike many other roguelikes, your life isn't tied to the ship. If it goes down, but you manage to reach a lifeboat, you can still fight to survive. Even being stranded on an island leaves you with options to play further. It isn't over until it's over (for you).

So get ready to explore a fantasy world that will react to the choices you make, may be remade at a moment's notice by a quest you complete, and of course, keep looking over your shoulder. You never know when that captain you told off two hours earlier won't come back looking for revenge.