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The Cult Islands is a region located west of The Great Founding. It's a region whith many ports, most of which are controlled by the Cult of haliphron, which is very active here during the main campaign. Many seaforts and coastal defences are present in the area,belonging to different factions.


Empires' prime[]

During the empires' excistence, the Cult islands presumably had another name. The area flourished and many ports, trade routes and defensive structures were made. In contrast to many other regions however, no major structures or displays of wealth are present in the region. There were many seaforts in the region, presumably made to fight against the crime syndicate, which made their base in the northwest corner of the region. During the fall of the Empire, the Cult of haliphron was started on shark fin rock, giving the region its name.

Journey of the Severed one[]

After the defeat of the first Kraken in Pullmans cove, the Cult starts to get more aggressive. They take over many ports in the region, as well as establishing haliphron nests and transporting people on slave ships. To learn more of the Cults' plans, the Severed one takes on the Cult by freeing ports, destroying the nests and taking over the slave ships. The Cult falls for the trap and send out multiple commander ships to stop the player. The Severed one uses the connection with the Devourer to locate the ships, after which he takes them on. The Severed one is succesfull in taking a commander ship intact and find out that the Cults' goal lies within the Frozen Wastes. The player proceeds to the north of the Cult Islands, where a giant ice sea blocks their way.