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Look at all those ports, just siting there. Waiting.

Points of interest are randomly placed within regions on the world map, according to the whims of procedural generations. These waypoints serve as hubs for quests, repairing your ship, picking up crew, and more.


Landfall, a plot-relevant port.

Ports serve as stop-over points. Each port allows you to:

  • Purchase weapons, upgrades, and ships.
  • Hire on more crew.
  • Advance the story if your current objective is to reach the port.

Note that ports will give you a discount on all purchases if there is a pirate nearby. Sinking his ship will net a 10% discount, while capturing it whole will yield a 15% one. Pirate ships are distinguished on the world map by a red circle and the skull-and-crossbones symbol overhead.


There are numerous ships you can run into, each with its own set of opportunities.

  • Lifeboat: Lifeboats can contain survivors or random amounts of supplies.
  • Regular ship: A silhouette of a ship typically indicates a combat encounter, but you can also run into surrendering merchant vessels or suspicious captains (who may turn out to be slavers).
  • Burning ship: Ships with a column of smoke are frequently ambushes, although you may also run into a situation where you can help a ship avoid sinking.
  • Cult ships: In the story campaign, cult ships are difficult encounters that retard the Kraken/heliphron/Cult pursuer counter.


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